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The Blind Ambition Project

Image depicting man with cane on an upward trajectoryThe Sight Center has been pilot-testing an employment-related program called The Blind Ambition Project for people who are blind or have low vision. This effort explores ways in which job-seekers can network with peers, gain valuable insights and acquire additional tools that can be used along the career path.


This pilot project will serve working-age adults with a vision impairment who reside in the metropolitan Toledo area. Specifically, the focus will be on those who are seeking to become newly employable, those who are trying to transition from a sighted career to a sight-impaired career, and those seeking to gain meaningful part-time employment while retaining current disability benefits.

“Lessons Learned” Library

This exciting new online portion of The Blind Ambition Project features advice from individuals who are blind or have low vision. Listen to members of the community share their lived experience on a number of employment-related topics.

Special Thanks

The Blind Ambition Project is supported by a grant from The Sisters of St. Francis (Sylvania) Foundation Donor Advised Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation.

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