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How to Get Started

The first step is easy – just contact us! If your ophthalmologist or optometrist hasn’t referred you to The Sight Center, you can take that step yourself. There’s no obligation and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have prior to scheduling an appointment. You can call, email or complete the Self-Referral Form in our Contact Us section.

Scheduling An Appointment

The next step in scheduling your initial appointment is ensuring that your primary eye care needs have been met by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. This information about your eye health and functional vision will help determine whether a low vision evaluation is included in your initial appointment. The Sight Center staff can assist you by obtaining the latest eye information from your last eye exam.

Your Initial Appointment

Your initial visit with members of our Low Vision Team is focused on identifying your individual needs, developing a service plan that will work for you, and giving you the basic tools necessary to maintain your independence.

For people with remaining functional vision, services would begin at The Sight Center with a low vision evaluation, which is different than the eye exams you receive from your eye doctor. Please be assured that we will not duplicate the eye exam that your physician has already performed. The Sight Center’s comprehensive low vision evaluation is designed to identify ways to maximize your existing vision and allow for continued independence. Your low vision evaluation, along with a functional evaluation, will be completed by members of our Low Vision Team during a 3 to 3½ hour visit.

Finally, you’ll meet with our licensed social worker who will help you devise a plan for the next steps, follow up appointments, funding options, plus provide education on community resources that go beyond what we typically offer.

For those who are blind with no functional vision remaining, services can begin in the home with a functional evaluation, which will be completed by members of our Low Vision Team during a 2 to 2½ hour visit.

Follow up Home Visits

An initial follow-up session will be focused on assessing your progress since the last visit and finalizing recommendations. Additional home visits can be scheduled as needed for services such as orientation/mobility, assistive technology, rehabilitation therapy, home safety enhancements and daily living adaptations.

We look forward to assisting you with your low vision needs.

Fees, Payments & Financial Support

The Sight Center accepts 3rd-party payments from Medicare, Medicaid, selected HMOs and private insurance. Our licensed social worker will also work to enroll you into any other third-party programs that may provide additional financial support, including several programs of the state agency Opportunities for Ohioans With Disabilities. Patients may also qualify to receive financial support through one of The Sight Center’s private grant sources.

While our mission motivates us to serve those in need, independent of their ability to pay, services are not free. We rely on grants, fundraisers, and donations to support people who have little or no ability to pay. Out-of-pocket payments are not uncommon, but never let finances keep you from reaching out to The Sight Center if you are in need of our services. We look forward to assisting you with your low vision needs.

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