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How to Get Started Including Fees and Payments

The first step to scheduling an appointment at The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio is ensuring that your primary eye care needs have been met by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.  As The Sight Center does not offer primary eye care, it is important to ensure the health of your eyes is checked on an annual basis.

Fees vary per service. Third party payments are accepted from the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), Medicare, Medicaid, selected HMOs and private insurance plans. When necessary, affordable access to these vital services is offered through a sliding fee schedule as well as foundation
and grant support monies.

Feel free to call our Vision Services Representative at 419-720-EYES (3937) if you have questions.

What to Expect from The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio

The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio will provide evaluations, training and overall assistance with your vision loss. Please be assured that we will not duplicate the eye exam that your physician has already completed, rather we will complete a comprehensive low vision evaluation designed to identify ways to maximize your existing vision and allow for your continued independence.

Your evaluation will be completed during a 3 to 3½ hour visit. Prior to leaving The Sight Center, a second visit will be scheduled which will occur in your home to identify daily living activities that may be difficult for you.

Your primary visit…

is focused on identifying your individual needs, developing a service program that will work for you, and giving you the tools necessary to maintain your independence. At this time you will meet with:

An Optometrist who specializes in low vision care. The doctor will determine what prescription you will need for magnifiers as well as what lighting, contrast and other techniques will maximize your existing vision. Please note that we do not provide primary eye exams and your eyes will not be dilated. You will continue to see your primary eye care professional for follow-up regarding your eye condition.

A Case Manager who will work with you to develop a care plan specific to your needs. The case manager will discuss all service options available, as well as other community resources. Additionally, the case manager will discuss fees and payment options, which may include insurance, private pay, grant monies, state monies and more. The case manager’s primary goal is to assist you in acquiring all the services that you need to maintain your independence and will be your Sight Center “partner” from start to finish.

An Occupational Therapist who will identify daily living activities that may be difficult for you. Activities can include: reading, setting dials, managing money, signing checks and threading needles.  They will also teach you how to properly use the low vision devices prescribed for you by the doctor.  The occupational therapist will work with you one-on-one until you feel confident with incorporating these devices into your daily living plan.

Follow up Home Visits…

will be focused on assessing your progress since the last visit and finalizing recommendations. Generally, this visit will also be with the occupational therapist. Other home visits can be scheduled for services such as Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology or Rehabiliation Therapy.

The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio looks forward to assisting you with your vision needs. Please feel free to call us with questions at 419-720-EYES (3937) or complete the Self Referral Form.