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Assistive Technology

The rapid advancement of computer technology has opened many doors for blind and visually impaired people. Although many blind people still use Braille, the opportunity to communicate faster and easier via computers that read aloud is opening new worlds of communication including surfing the web as well as sending and receiving email. Additionally, for the visually impaired person, computers offering large screens allow for enlarged type size and high contrast color patterns that permit easier reading.

As the only agency in Northwest Ohio whose sole mission is to empower independence and enrich the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired, The Sight Center is committed to providing training in the use of computer hardware, software, or other assistive devices for use at home, work, school, or play.  It is our responsibility to be computer friendly and to help our customers “see” the world through new and easily accessible cutting edge technology and opportunities.

Some of the technology support that is available through The Sight Center include:

  • Evaluation and training relative to personal technology goals
  • Assistance with selection of the proper hard and/or software resources for needs at home and work
  • Screen magnification programs like Zoom Text which enlarge the text and images on the monitor
  • Speech based programs like JAWS that convert text to speech so one can use the computer without needing to see the monitor
  • Additional support includes special keyboards, monitor magnifiers, scanning material into the computer, bump dots placed on important keys to ensure proper finger placement on keys and much more