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Low Vision Clinic

Vision loss that cannot be corrected by ordinary glasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery is called “low vision.” If you have low vision or partial sight, it’s important to maximize the remaining vision you do have because any usable vision can help you continue to live independently.

The Sight Center Low Vision Clinic is often the first stop for new patients. Low vision services, provided by specially trained optometrists, include a thorough low vision eye evaluation and an assessment of how your remaining vision functions in day-to-day living. The low vision exam evaluates how well you see faces, street signs, newspaper print, and all the other visual clues that guide you through your daily activities. Afterward, the doctor may prescribe optical devices, such as high-powered spectacles and magnifiers, to enhance the images that you can see.

The professionals at The Sight Center will recommend the right optical devices to maximize your vision based on your specific needs and interests. Our goal is to help you continue to read and function as well as possible, and continue to enjoy hobbies and recreational activities. Our professional staff may recommend devices or aids such as:

  • Proper lighting or illumination
  • Magnifiers — hand-held or stand magnifiers
  • Sunglasses and filters to reduce glare and photosensitivity
  • Closed circuit television that provides enlargement up to 62 times

Additionally, professionals at The Sight Center will provide one-on-one training in independent living techniques. This service can take place in your home or in The Sight Center’s Activities of Daily Living Apartment, which includes a complete kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and laundry facility for training purposes.

The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio cannot restore any lost vision but we are experts at working with your remaining vision to ensure that you can continue to lead a highly productive and fulfilling life.