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Daily Living Adaptations

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy introduces safe, new ways to manage daily tasks and maintain independence. Certified vision rehabilitation therapists and/or occupational therapists work one-on-one with clients to teach adaptive methods to complete basic tasks such as cooking, home care and medication management.  These specially trained staff members provide instruction, information and encouragement.

Vision rehabilitation therapy may use assistive tools or techniques in order to ensure that a person can live independently at home, obtain or maintain employment, or participate in community life.  Instruction can be offered in any aspect of daily life including:

  • Audible devices such as talking watches and alarm clocks, talking thermometers etc.
  • Managing medications or diabetic care
  • Meal preparation and cooking techniques as well as eating skills
  • Personal grooming or self-care
  • Money identification, record keeping & personal finance management
  • Labeling and organization techniques
  • Communication resources such as large print or braille
  • Home management