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Video Magnifiers & CCTVs

A video magnifier is an electronic reading aid for people who are sight-impaired. Also known as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) or “reading machine”, these devices maximize remaining vision, allowing the user to read mail, manage medications, handle personal finances, and perform other daily tasks.

Photo of a video magnifier in The Sight Center lobby

Video magnifier in The Sight Center lobby

These popular devices use a camera to display magnified text and images onto a screen, making it easier to perform visual tasks. Other features such as contrast control, color options, and freeze-frame, can enhance the user experience. Some models even incorporate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that converts printed text into speech.

Video magnifiers come in many sizes and can generally be grouped into two categories:

  • Desktop CCTVs
  • Handheld Video Magnifiers

The Shop at The Sight Center carries a variety of video magnifiers to suit your needs and budget. Popular brands include:

  • Enhanced Vision
  • Eschenbach
  • Freedom Scientific

Popular models include:

Shop In-Person or Online

We encourage anyone interested in CCTV’s to call and schedule a time for product demonstrations. You can also visit The Shop Online to browse our inventory, compare prices and place orders for direct shipment to your home.


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