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Used Low Vision Equipment

The Shop at The Sight Center is the perfect place to donate used low vision equipment and to shop for new, used and clearance items.

Donate Used Low Vision Equipment

Donating used low vision equipment to The Shop at The Sight Center makes a real difference in the lives of many people we serve, especially those who are just learning to live with a vision impairment.

Items we typically accept:

  • Desktop CCTVs and reading machines
  • iPads and Apple accessories
  • Video magnifiers
  • Wearable technology
  • Handheld and lighted magnifiers
  • Assistive technology products

Items we typically don’t accept

  • Obsolete accessibility software
  • Early generation Apple products
  • Malfunctioning video magnifiers

Shop For Used Low Vision Equipment

To browse our inventory of used low vision products and clearance items, stop in at The Shop during our normal business hours (see below).

The Shop

The Shop at The Sight Center
1002 Garden Lake Parkway, Toledo, OH 43614
Phone: 419-720-3937 x111
Shop online: