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Dr. Jill Holler Celebrates 20 Years in Low Vision Optometry

Dr. Jill HollerJune 15, 2024, marks the 20th anniversary of Dr. Jill Holler’s service to the low vision community at The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio.

The Sight Center is pleased to celebrate this milestone by establishing a fund in honor of Dr. Holler. The fund will be used to purchase low vision devices for patients needing financial assistance.

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Dr. Holler is one of this region’s experts in low vision rehabilitation. During the past 20 years she has served nearly 8,000 low vision clients and empowered independence with her unique style of education, encouragement, and expert recommendations.

Reflecting on her time with The Sight Center, Holler said, “I love making a difference in people’s lives, proving that there is something else that can be done to help them,” adding “and being part of a team that helps my patient’s reach their goals.”

Dr. Holler is a lifelong resident of the Toledo area. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toledo, she earned a Doctorate in Optometry from The Ohio State University in 2004.

In addition to working with The Sight Center team she also has 20 years of optometric experience in private practice in the Toledo area, including 16 years with Cherry Vision Center where she currently practices.

Dr. Jill Holler is also an officer in the Ohio Air National Guard at the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo.  Through this service she has traveled to impoverished areas in both the United States and internationally, bringing vision care to communities typically lacking that resource.

Dani Moran, The Sight Center’s Program Director and longtime colleague, commented, “Dr. Holler genuinely enjoys an optometric challenge.” Adding, “She has been known to utilize a lens in a custom way to maximize vision for a patient when no standard device was available.”

This type of commitment to each patient’s goals, along with 20 years of accumulated knowledge, contributes to the high esteem with which she is regarded.


Donations can be made to The Sight Center in person, by mail, or online. Contact Natalie Long at or 419-720-3937 x3803 if you have questions or need assistance.