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2022 Year-End Appeal

Dear Friend,

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

Mural depicting Helen KellerI’ve been thinking about this famous Helen Keller quote recently as I step into my new role as Executive Director of The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio. Having lived most of my life with significant vision loss, I appreciate those things that can’t be seen with the eye. Kindness, compassion, courage, creativity, and generosity are just a few thoughts that come to mind.

Since joining The Sight Center team seven years ago, my heart has been touched so many times by the people we serve and those who support the work we do – the courage it takes to begin the journey of vision loss, the tireless dedication of staff, and the unexpected generosity of people inspired by our mission.

As we stand on the threshold of The Sight Center’s 100th anniversary the number of people losing their vision continues to grow; the unemployment rate for this group remains high; and insurance still doesn’t cover most services needed by someone losing their vision, not even basic white cane training.

So, as we make plans to celebrate a century of service, I invite you to do something special this year with your time, your skills and your resources – something heartfelt. I would enjoy hearing from you!


Tim Tegge
Executive Director

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