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The Sight Center at “Zoo For All Walk”

The Sight Center is excited to be involved in the Toledo Zoo’s new Zoo For All Walk, which is part of this year’s Dart Frog Dash activities on Saturday, May 13. The Zoo has created a safe half-mile route within Zoo grounds for guests who may find the 5k route troublesome. Special considerations are being given to sensory needs and ADA accessibility.
The Sight Center will be there with a booth and volunteers, so register today and make sure to visit us at the Toledo Zoo’s Zoo For All Walk.
Toledo Zoo’s Dart Frog Dash
Featuring the new Zoo For All Walk
Saturday, May 13
Visit the Toledo Zoo Dart Frog Dash page
Register for the Zoo For All Walk
For more details about the Zoo For All Walk, contact Toledo Zoo’s inclusion coordinator at 419-385-5721 x.3039.
To learn more about The Sight Center’s involvement in the Zoo For All Walk, call 419-720-3937 or email