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Solar Eclipse Day – April 8, 2024

The Sight Center will be closed on Monday, April 8 as the region prepares for the solar eclipse. You should also prepare by taking steps to safely enjoy the phenomenon.

Purchase Solar Eclipse Glasses

While supplies last, The Sight Center is your local source for ISO-certified Solar Eclipse Glasses! Glasses are $5.00 each and proceeds will help advance The Sight Center’s mission.

How to Buy

  • Stop by in person at The Sight Center. We are located at 1002 Garden Lake Parkway, Toledo, Ohio 43614. Our offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30
  • Email or call 567-661-0543 to pay by phone.

NOTE: We are no longer mailing orders. All sales must be picked up.

Safety Tips for the Solar Eclipse

By Carol R. Kollarits, M.D.

Unless you are an “eclipse chaser” and are willing to travel around the world, the solar eclipse that will be visible from northern Ohio and southern Michigan this April 8th is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view one of nature’s most spectacular events.  Here are some commonly asked questions about the eclipse:

  1. Can a solar eclipse blind you?

Yes.  You should never look directly at the sun under any circumstances.  If you look directly at the sun, the lens inside your eye will focus the sun’s powerful rays to a point on the retina, causing a burn that can result in a permanent “hole” in your central vision, making it difficult to read, recognize faces, or pass your driver’s test.

  1. How can you look at a solar eclipse?

Eclipse glasses are labeled ISO 12312-2 and can be purchased  at The Sight Center.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous sellers may provide fake eclipse glasses that are falsely labeled as being ISO 12312-2.  To be sure you have genuine eclipse glasses, look at a bright light through them.  If you can see the light, they are not safe for viewing the eclipse.  Do not look at the eclipse through binoculars when wearing the eclipse glasses, as the binoculars can burn a hole in the eclipse glasses and damage your retina.  If you want to use binoculars or a camera (including your cellphone camera) to photograph the eclipse, you must put a solar filter in front of each binocular lens or camera lens.

  1. Is it safe to watch a solar eclipse?

Yes, if you only look at it while wearing eclipse glasses.  Another method that is safe is to use a pinhole to project an image of the eclipse onto another surface, such as a piece of paper.  But remember to look only at the image, and not through the pinhole at the sun.  Keep in mind that even reflections of the eclipse can cause retinal damage, such as the reflection from the hood of your car while you are driving.

After the eclipse, glasses can be dropped off at any Toledo Lucas County Library branch or at the Imagination Station.

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