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Meet Our Team

The Sight Center staff dedicates our efforts to providing clients with help and hope for continued independence when glasses, contacts, surgery or medication are no longer viable options. The Sight Center employs a full staff of professionals, including optometrists, certified low vision therapists, licensed social workers, certified orientation and mobility specialists, certified rehabilitation teachers and technology and computer specialists. Additionally, staff members who are visually impaired or blind provide direct support and real life experience in coping with the same daily challenges that clients face.

Department / Name E-Mail Address
Executive Director
Stacey Butts Email Stacey
Program Director
Dani Moran, CVRT Email Dani
Development Coordinator
Tim Tegge Email Tim
Low Vision Rehabilitation Staff
Taylor Collins, CVRT Email Taylor
Megan Hayden, CVRT, COMS Email Megan
Jill Holler, OD Email Dr. Holler
Christy Northcutt, OD Email Dr. Northcutt
Alexzandra Rudinoff, OD Email Dr. Rudinoff
Dee Tedrow Email Dee
Taylor Volrich, CVRT Email Taylor
Tara Wuthrich, CVRT, COMS Email Tara
Operations and Support Services Staff
Marlene Glanz Email Marlene
Amy Pennywitt Email Amy
Heather Pyle Email Heather
Jenell Spino Email Jenell