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Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce you to The Sight Center team. Each of these talented professionals adds a unique blend of education, training, personality, and life experience to the work we do. Together we empower independence and enrich the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired.

photo of Dani MoranDANI MORAN
Interim Executive Director
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Where I’m from: I am a proud graduate of Western Michigan University – GO Broncos! Bachelor of Social Work in 1994 and Master of Arts, Blindness & Low Vision Studies 1995. I participated in the Beta testing to develop the official certification with the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals in 2000 and have now been a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist for over 20 years.

Things I enjoy: I enjoy: long walks in the woods, visiting National Parks in our beautiful country, going to Walt Disney World, watching musical theater in person and cooking shows on TV. Laughing is the thing I enjoy most of all!

Something interesting about me: I once got to ring the opening bell for the Chicago Stock Exchange. 

Why I love working at The Sight Center: We are a very small group of people & are privileged to connect with people and address issues that are critical to independence. The individuals we serve are brave enough to share their concerns, struggles and disappointments with us and we then have the opportunity to change lives.

photo of Marlene Glanz MARLENE GLANZ
Interim Finance Director
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My education & training: I’m a proud alumna of The University of Toledo.

Things I enjoy: I enjoy running, hiking, reading, biking, kayaking, and pretty much any activity in the great outdoors. (Pictured is one of my favorite hikes in RMNP.).

Why I love working at The Sight Center: I love meeting new customers in The Shop and seeing joy on their faces when they conquer a new challenge.

photo of Megan HaydenMEGAN HAYDEN
Blind Rehabilitation Specialist

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My education & training: I received my bachelor’s degree from The College of Wooster and two master’s degrees from Western Michigan University. I am dually certified through ACVREP as a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist and Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.

Things I enjoy: I love singing, hiking, drawing, playing games and watching movies with my family and friends and being involved in my church.

Something interesting about me: I have been married for 14 years and have two wonderful children. Our family also fosters kids in need and we have had the amazing opportunity to love two other beautiful children so far.

Why I love working at The Sight Center: I have been working with The Sight Center for over 10 years and have enjoyed every moment. I love working one-on-one with people and helping them “see” how they can live life with vision loss. By working in people’s homes, schools and work environments, I can provide training that is relevant to their unique needs, circumstances, and abilities. The Sight Center staff in Toledo has been amazingly supportive to me and the people I am now serving here in Central Ohio.

Photo of Dr. Jill HollerJILL HOLLER, O.D.
Low Vision Optometrist
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My education & training: I have an undergraduate B.S. degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from The University of Toledo. My doctorate in optometry is from The Ohio State University from 2004. I also completed an extra class in low vision/vision rehabilitation at OSU before graduation. 

Things I enjoy: Traveling, being with my family (3 children and 1 grandson) and friends, eating out at restaurants, and snuggling with my dog

Something interesting about me: I am an officer in the Ohio Air National Guard at the 180th Fighter Wing here in Toledo, Ohio. 

Why I love working at The Sight Center: I love making a difference in people’s lives, proving that there is something else that can be done to help them, and being part of a team that helps my patient’s reach their goals. 

Blind Rehabilitation Specialist 
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Where I’m From: I grew up in the Sylvania area. I was a Sylvania Southview Cougar! I then got a job in Cleveland working as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, and worked at Cleveland Sight Center for 13 years. I then decided to move back to the Sylvania area to be closer to family.

Things I enjoy: Fun Fact, I graduated with a Vocal Music Minor, so I love to sing. I love all things music related. I enjoy going to Broadway plays. I have also enjoyed participating in many Adaptive Sports, such as rowing and bowling. I am a marathon shopper. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and being an advocate for individuals with Vision Impairments.

Something interesting about me:  I have a black Labrador Retriever Guide Dog named Lee. I was also in the Rocket Marching Band for four years! I am the oldest of three siblings, but the only one with a Vision Impairment.

Why I love working at The Sight Center: I have always known that I wanted to be an educator. When I landed in the Vision field, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. I started primarily working with children in Cleveland, but soon discovered that I enjoyed working with individuals of all ages. The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio has given me the opportunity to move closer to my family, and still work in the field that I love. The team here at The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio is very welcoming, helpful, and makes you feel like part of a cohesive team. I look forward to many more years here!

Development Assistant 
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Where I’m From: I am from Laurel, Maryland– which is between Washington DC and Baltimore

Things I enjoy: I love to exercise, hang out with my husband Adam and our kitties Batman and Nightwing.

Something interesting about me:  On December 20th, 2009 I was on the 20th yard line when Mike Wallace caught the game winning touchdown in the final seconds of the Steelers-Packers game. That was pretty cool!

Why I love working at The Sight Center: I have only been here a short time, but everyone here is so kind and supportive. It is a true team environment and I love it!

Photo of Dr. Alexzandra RudinoffALEXZANDRA RUDINOFF, O.D.
Low Vision Optometrist
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My education & training: I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Psychology, from Xavier University. I graduated with my doctoral degree from The Ohio State University College of Optometry. Go Bucks!! 

Things I enjoy: Traveling and photography are two of my favorite things. I love spending time outdoors riding bikes, going on walks or hikes, and kayaking! Music is also important to me, and I like going to concerts. 

Something interesting about me: I have traveled to 13 different countries and 13 national parks, and I hope to continue counting! 

Why I love working at The Sight Center: At The Sight Center, I love having a team-oriented approach that helps people with varying degrees of vision impairment meet their individual goals. I really enjoy spending time with people and learning about everyone’s unique story and background. It is important to me that everyone is heard. I find it rewarding when we can help people continue to do the things they love or to regain their independence with daily tasks. 

Photo of Dee TedrowDEE TEDROW
Billing Specialist
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My education & training: I have an Associates degree in Business Management as well as an Associate of the Arts degree, though I feel that my life experience and previous employment in public relations gives me an advantage in my current position. 

Things I enjoy: I love puzzles of any form, brain teasers being my favorite. I am an avid reader, and I also enjoy writing poetry/ short stories. Gardening as well as spending time with my two daughters and my amazing husband occupy a good majority of my time! 

Something interesting about me: I have quite a few tattoo’s and I love them! I Love to sing

Why I love working at The Sight Center: Having the opportunity to assist those with a vision impairment find a way to navigate their way to independence is very rewarding. At times just being a friendly voice for them to talk to gives me joy! The awesome group of individuals that I work with are so passionate about what we do, so kind, and so supportive that I could not imagine myself anywhere else!  

Development Coordinator
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My education & training: I have a Biology degree from Bowling Green State University, but my real training started at age 9 when I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease (early onset macular degeneration).

Things I enjoy: I like playing guitar, riding my bike, growing succulents, eating pizza, drinking red wine and helping my wife finish tough crossword puzzles.

Something interesting about me: I am a singer/songwriter.

Why I love working at The Sight Center: My own vision impairment is an asset here! I get to put all of me into this job. What I do here makes a difference for those who don’t know where to turn, don’t have the resources, or don’t believe that life without sight can get better.

Picture of Melody at the Metropark's “hammocking at height” programMELODY THOMPSON
Vision Services Representative
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Where I’m from: I have worked a variety of retail and customer service jobs over the past 12 years. I am always looking to learn something new.

Things I enjoy: Spending time outside, roller skating, yoga, reading, and music.

Something interesting about me: I have been taking circus classes for the past 5 years. My favorite is the lyra, or aerial hoop.

Why I love working at The Sight Center: I like to be a part of a team that is working to help people in the community.

Photo of Taylor VolrichTAYLOR VOLRICH
Blind Rehabilitation Specialist
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My education & training: I have a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences and minors in Gerontology and Integrated Holistic Health from Western Michigan University (WMU). I also obtained my Master’s Degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy from WMU and completed my certification through ACVREP to become a Certified Rehabilitation Therapist!

Things I enjoy: Taking my cats for a walk, boating, vacationing, trying new foods.

Something interesting about me: I am from the small town of Caseville, Michigan that is known for its Cheeseburger Festival!

Why I love working at The Sight Center:
There is always something to look forward to! Whether it’s meeting a new client, traveling to a new town or celebrating a national day with my Sight Center colleagues – my work day is always different and I love that!

bitmoji of Tara WuthrichTARA WUTHRICH
Blind Rehabilitation Specialist
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My education & training: I have a bachelor’s degree in History with teacher certification from Eastern Illinois University. I have a master’s degree in Blind Rehabilitation from Northern Illinois University. I hold two ACVREP certifications; I am a certified vision rehabilitation therapist (VRT) and a certified orientation and mobility specialist (COMS). I began working for The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio in July of 2016.

Things I enjoy: I like to spend time with my two dogs, reading, watching television and baseball (Go Cubs!).

Something interesting about me: I have a good memory, specifically being able to recall information that I have read.

Why I love working at The Sight Center: Working at The Sight Center gives me the opportunity to travel around Northwest Ohio, meet people from different walks of life, be a jack-of-all-trades in the blind rehabilitation field and to assist people with vision loss to become or remain independent at home, work or in the community.


Photo of Fergus FugglerFERGUS FUGGLER
Office Mascot

My education & training: Fergus is working towards a degree in Fine Arts with a specialty in Buttons.

Things I enjoy: He enjoys hanging out at The Sight Center and listening to the fascinating conversations that happen at the morning huddle.

Something interesting about me: Fergus is an active participant in the office “National Day” calendar celebrations.

Why I love working at The Sight Center: While Fergus doesn’t technically “work” here, he is an integral part of The Sight Center team. We wouldn’t be complete without him and his contributions! 

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