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John Goerlich Distinguished Service Award

Board Proclamation – 1984

The Board of Trustees of The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio, having determined that those persons who unselfishly serve the blind community should be publicly acclaimed for their services, creates herewith an award, to be known as the John Goerlich Distinguished Service Award, which shall be given annually to the candidate deemed most fitting
in the Board’s judgment to receive it. The criteria for the nomination is as follows:

  1. Person who has provided service for, or opportunity to improve the well being of blind individuals, or who have made significant contributions to the cause of sight preservation.
  2. Need not be living at the time his or her name is submitted for consideration, but service performed or contribution made should not have occurred longer than five years preceding the nomination.
  3. The Trustees in their choice of a recipient will give special weight to nominees who have performed volunteer services on behalf of the blind community; who have performed unusual or continuing service to the Sight Center; or who have made significant financial or tangible contributions to the Sight Center.
  4. Nominations are not restricted to persons residing in The Sight Center’s service area of northwest Ohio.

If you are interested in nominating someone for this award please forward your nominations including your thoughts on why the board should consider this person to be a
recipient of this award to: Executive Director, The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio, no later than June 15. We look forward to hearing from you so that we
may continue the tradition of granting this distinguished award.

John Goerlich Distinguished Service Award Recipients

  • 1984  John Goerlich
  • 1985  Thomas R. Day
  • 1986  Frank J. Lennger
  • 1987  Alice N. Levey
  • 1988  Ann Brita Page
  • 1989  Nancy Burton
  • 1990  William A. Marti
  • 1991  Jackson Fly & Jackie Sobecki
  • 1992  Louis P. Ellen, O.D.
  • 1993  Jack W. Schaffer
  • 1994  Richard Pasquinelli
  • 1995  Dr. Douglas V. Austin
  • 1996  Dr. Ruth Lindecker
  • 1997  Not Awarded
  • 1998  Irland L. Tashima
  • 1999  James C. Hackley
  • 2000  Not Awarded
  • 2001  J. Gregory Rosenthal, M.D.
  • 2002  Madge Levinson
  • 2003  Bruce Douglas
  • 2004  Not Awarded
  • 2005  Robert V. Sterling, Esq.
  • 2006  Not Awarded
  • 2007  Dick Anderson
  • 2008  Larry B. Dillin
  • 2009  John W. Davies, Jr.
  • 2010  Richard A. Moore
  • 2011  Tom Zraik
  • 2012  James T. Collins
  • 2013  Cynthia Roepke, CFP
  • 2014  Robert Goulding, O.D.
  • 2015  Not Awarded
  • 2016  Suzi Hahn & Sandy Alexander
  • 2017  Jennifer Scroggs
  • 2018  Jeffery Stephens, MD
  • 2019  Not Awarded
  • 2020  Not Awarded
  • 2021  Not Awarded
  • 2022  Not Awarded
  • 2023 Dr. Carol Kollarits