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The generous support of our donors helped The Sight Center change lives in 2017. Download our printable annual report and discover the many ways that mission matters!

Download the printable 2017 Annual Report

2017 Donor Recognition


Albert G. and Olive H. Schlink Foundation
Walleye Wishing Well
Waite-Brand Foundation
France Stone Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Christensen
David and Helen Boone Foundation
Clement O. Miniger Memorial Foundation
The Donald L. Solomon Foundation


Dr. Carol Kollarits
Helping Hens Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation
Gorski Family Foundation
Mr. Jim Brown
Bernita S. Marlow Fund of theToledo Community Foundation
Goerlich Family Foundation, Inc
The MLM Charitable Foundation
The Anderson Foundation
Huntington National Bank
Welltower Inc.
Taylor Automotive Family
Toledo Clinic Vision Associates


Mr. Craig Frederickson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Catherine A. Sheets
The Trust Company of Toledo
Mrs. Carol Morley Beck
Texas Roadhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Tab H. Hinkle
The Mark S. Feldstein Private Foundation
YIPEE of Leadership Toledo
Rotary Club of West Toledo
Kingston Healthcare Company, LLC
Mr. Dave Koons
Walman Optical
First Insurance Group
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Strauss Jr.
Drs. Stephens and Vannuyen
Hinkle Manufacturing
Cataract & Laser Institute
Mr. and Mrs. Irland Tashima
Buckeye Broadband
Zenith Foundation
The Andersons, Inc.
Sylvania Sunrise Lions Club
Mail It Corporation
Signature Bank
Plante Moran
Gerald & Jeannine Hoeffel Foundation
First Federal Bank of the Midwest


Dr. and Mrs. R. Jeffery Stephens
Ms. Stacey Butts
Webster H. Sturdivant Private Foundation
Gross Electric Inc.
Quality Family EyeCare, Inc.
Ms. Eileen Kerner
Ms. Dawn Christensen
Mrs. Sandrea G. Goerlich Alexander
Mira + Kolena
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Betz
Ms. Susan J. Kurdys
Mr. Allan J. Libbe
Venedocia Lions Club
Findley Davies, Inc.
Toledo Lions Welfare
Mr. Daniel T. Anderson
Ms. Eleanor Sonntag
Mr. John Kolbeck
Mr. Randy Schimmoeller
Midwest Eye Consultants
Ms. Dorothy Bassett
Toledo Auto Care
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Barbara Crandall
First Federal Wealth Management

Other Gifts

Ms. Nadine Musser
Ms. Emma Hann
Napoleon Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Meg Ressner
Mr. Mike Tamor
Mr. Stephen Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Dani A. Moran
Ms. Jennifer L. Scroggs
Mr. Richard Savory
Mr. Greg Clausing
Mr. Andrew I. Klein
Mrs. Madge Levinson
Habitec Security
Ms. Joan Kurdys
Ms. Elizabeth K. Allen
Ms. Lorrie Jennings
Mr. Joe Nauman
Mr. Mike White
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Jayne Tegge
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy and Michael Bassett
Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc.
The Optical Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Diane Ohns
Ms. Suzette Croll
BGSU Optimal Aging Institute
Ms. Judy Anderson
Harbor Behavioral Health
Ms. Sarah Schoesler
Ressner Family Fund
Jennite Paving and Sealing
Ms. Evelyn Nugent
Mrs. Gayle Austin
Mr. and Mrs. John and Laurie H. Boggs
Mr. and Mrs. John and Carol H. Luscombe
Mrs. Sandra J. Marley
Dr. Brian W. Randolph
Ms. Kate Savage
Dr. and Mrs. Anoar Zacharias
Mr. Dennis J. Kornos
Deshler Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. David and Skip Sobczak
Ms. Martha Gluth
Mr. Charles Keller
Ms. Renee Goubeaux
Jocko’s Ice Cream
Mr. Michael Spahr
Ms. Gaye Martin
Mr. Anthony Burek
Ms. Monique Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Sue Marshall
Tiffin-Seneca United Way
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Baither
Mr. Rudolph A Peckinpaugh, Jr.
Dr. Mohammed Y. Ahmed
Arlington Lions Club
Bryan Lions Club Foundation
Mr. Mark W. Hetrick
Spectrum Eye Care
Mr. and Mrs. John and Sally Heffernan
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Judy Lang
Mr. Jon Gulch
Mr. Nathan A. Benedict
Mr. Ted J. Klosowski
Ms. Lois Grasser
Dr. Robert Goulding
Mr. Bill Garby
Ms. Rorey Martin
Ms. Anna Maxson
Ms. Anna Revill
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davies, Jr.
Mr. Garry Shivers
Drs. John and Cheryl Archer
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Durivage
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Fox
Dr. Robert C. Layman
Dr. Manuel V. Madrazo
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Janice Marti
Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell
Dr. James C. Moeller
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Pesin
Mr. John Swearengen
Kalida Lions Club
Archbold Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. William Shunk
Mr. Allen R. Wantland
Dr. and Mrs. Aron and Anastazja Wajskol
Dr. James G. Ravin
Fulton County Vision Services
Mr. Daniel L. Van Ness
Perrysburg Lions Club
Ms. Susan Bedra
Mr. Norman Kuhlman
Mr. Michael F. Sanders
Ms. Louise Wantland
First St. John’s Lutheran Church Women
Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Torchia
Mr. David K. Miller
Ms. Joyce Liptack
Ms. Dorothea L. Sawicki
Ms. Betty Wade
Ms. Jean E. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Scroggs
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Elizabeth Schalk
Mr. Charles Younger
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Jodi Moughamian
Mr. and Mrs. Travis and Ginny Chapin
Mr. Joseph Carron and Ms. Sally Marti
Mr. Rex Decker
Mr. Frank Unkle
Mr. James Vandenbroek
Mr. Jim Roe
Ms. Lyndi Sheets
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Robbin Flis
Mr. Arnold Martinez
Tuffy Auto Service Centers
The American Baler Company
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell and Joyce Johnson
Buckeye Broadband Accounting Department
Ms. Mary Sanchez
The Employers’ Association
Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Paula Loss
Dr. G. Barton Blossom
Ms. Linda Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Sandy Russell
Mr. Dennis Patnode
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Dena LaPolt
Ms. Orion Moore
Ms. Shirley Metcalf
Ms. Samantha Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. William and Marti Bair
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Tamara Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and Pat Mauk
Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio
Mr. Gregory W. Robinette
Ms. Rebecca Bruner
Dr. and Mrs. Philip and Kathy Nelson
Portage Lions Club 3 76
Wauseon Lions Club
Ms. Lynn Bryant
Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter of Toledo
Ms. Ruth Ann Wiseley
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Katie Fisher
Ms. Anna McDede
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Deborah Toth
Mr. and Mrs. David and Julie Yoho
Mr. Jack Schwartz
Mr. Mark Suffron
Marathon Classic
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Marlene Glanz
Mr. Mike Gibson
Ms. Nancy Bischoff
Mrs. Ann Bragg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Wanda Conroy
Mrs. Nancy D. Katz
Mr. Hossein R. Keshari
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Krolak
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Sharon Kwiatkowski
Mr. Walter B. Pauly
Mrs. Kay Saxby
Mr. Richard Sullivan
Ms. Ellen G. Yarnell
Mrs. Betty Bryon
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Burchfield
Ms. Denine Geishart
Ms. Helen J. Dorfmeyer
Ms. Sarah M. Wammes
Ms. Ruth Dauer
The Berenotto’s
Ms. Judy A. Waddington
Ms. Edith Scott
Ms. Sheryn Hogan
Ms. Helen Fast
Mr. James Figy
Ms. Ellen Jane Vanden Eynden
Ms. Cynthia J. Vroman
Ms. Karin Jacobson
Mrs. Thelma Driggs
Mr and Mrs Christopher and Diane Simons
Mr and Mrs James and Louise Sommers
Ms. Kathleen Bomer
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis and Phyllis Davis
Ms. Beth Charvat
Mr. Robert Maltby, Jr.
Ms. Linda C. Helzer
Faith Community United Church of Christ
Ms. Mary Jean Cummings
Ms. Mary Schnabel
Ms. Bonnie Carle
Ms. Connie Farell
Ms. Nancy Smith
Ms. Mary Bilyeu
Mr. John Blaufuss
Mr. Clair Emerson
Ms. Nan Bruner
Ms. Bridget A. Marlow
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Marilyn Boudouris
Mr. and Mrs. James and Deborah Russel
Mr. Michael Heyne and Ms. Donna Freeman
Ms. Dorothy Yenni
Ms. Laura Woolley
Ms. Susan Brueggemeier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Leora Stainbrook
Sandusky Segwave
Mrs. Carmen Reau
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Tanna Walsh
Mr. Adam Pancoast
Mr. John Sinkovic
Ms. Ruth Hoffman
Combined Federal Campaign
Mrs. Mildred Dvorsky
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Diana Malik
Dr. Justin Moyer
Ms. Nancie Entenmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rank
Ms. Margaret Harrison
Mr. Clarence Everhart
Ms. Irene Stickroth
Ms. Kathleen Gaul
Mrs. Joyce L. Bowman-Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Karlin Wyse
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Woellner
Mrs. Geraldine V. Coppus
Mr. Ralph Saad
Mr. Carl Kienzle
Ms. Jill Bodi
Ms. Carol M. Ward
Ms. Barb Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Ann Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Mary Hausch
Ms. Cynthia Kasperek
Ms. Sandra L. Bowdle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Joseph
Mrs. Nancy J. Kelley
Mr. William Weaver
Mrs. Marie Casaletta
Mr. Clifford Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Maureen Pompei
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jane J. Allen
Ms. Roula S. Manton
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Cathy McEwen
Ms. Dorothy M. Tomasik
Ms. Barbara Murray
Ms. Grace M. Heiney
Mr. and Mrs. John and Charmaine Blaylock
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Carol Collins
Ms. Brandi Shepard
Dr. Tracey Needham
Mr. Richard Glanz
Ms. Jeannette Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Jennifer Jones
Mr. Dale Brock
Ms. Shirley Hensel
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Eileen Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Chris Kozyra
Mr. Harold Heacock
Mr. Mervyn Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Sue Speck
Ms. Becky Chamberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Jill Langenderfer
Ms. Geraldine Cottey
Ms. Nicolena Beach
Mr. and Mrs. James and Gail Schnabel
Ms. Carol Zitzelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Nancy Bree
Ms. Ann Ahrens
Ms. Judith Flahiff
Ms. Sue Sweeney
Ms. Mary Teigland
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Maxine Papenfuse
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Brenda Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Terry Hoff
Ms. Florence Wheelden
Mr. Chris Walker
O-I Golden Emblem Club
Mrs. Karen M. Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Deanna Bresler
Ms. Jackie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Shepard
Ms. Patricia M. Budner
Ms. Martha L. Huepenbecker
Ms. Janet C. Rogolsky
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Geraldine G. Yeager
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nistel
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Dennen
Dr. D.S. Chauhan
Ms. Patricia Raczkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Theresa W. Sears
Ms. Joan Colberg
Mr. and Mrs. John and Rita Tuohy
Ms. June Blake
Mrs. Kay Schwartz
Mr. Edward Krzyston
Mr. Arthur Brown
Mr. Robert Connolly
Ms. Jule Oberski
Ms. Joanne Mihailoff
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Sandra Johnson
Mr. Leland Antoine
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Eleanore Poole
Dr. and Mrs. Norm and Barb Steagall
Mr. Stephen F. Sutherland
Mr. Frank Reynolds
Mr. Christopher Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Janet Norton
Mr. and Mrs. William and Martha Pituch
Ms. Olive Thompson
Ms. Mary Gray
Mr. George Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. John and Virginia Pavlica
Mr. Jason Bartschy
Mr. Donald and Jeanette Tober
Ms. Katherine Grimmett
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Mary E. Vartorella
Ms. Sophie Paterakis
Ms. Jane Rayman
Mr. Ralph Knapp
Ms. Margaret Shirkey
Mr. Jacob King
Ms. Bonnie Lutzmann
Ms. Paula Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Suzanne Badyna
Ms. Jocelyn M. Armstrong
Mrs. Merin Schrinel
Linda Byers Trust
Mr. Chester Slowikowski
Mrs. Imelda Albert